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the greatest scholars and artists of the world as a
symbol of royal favour. Thirty knights were entitled
to a vote to choose -such individuals among the
German nation whom, they considered aspneritmg this
distinction, and it was also decreed that the number
should be limited to thirty German scholars and
artists. Besides these thirty Germans the order could
be conferred on distinguished foreigners. Alexander
voii Humboldt, as the greatest living scholar who
united the attainments of a whole academy in him-
self, was appointed grand chancellor of the order.
"We have not, in this biographical sketch,, spoken
much of the personal decorations conferred on Hum-
boldt, as every reader would think it self-understood
that a itian who had attained the highest summit of
scientific fame, and who stood in the most intimate
relation to the princes of all countries, would not be
wanting in exterior tokens of favour and merit.    And
he not only received numerous honourable distinctions
from princes and from   learned associations, but he
received them very early in life.    We have mentioned
his elevation  to  a Prussian acting privy councillor,
with the title cc excellency," and need only add that
not only all the great academies of science and art,
all the learned societies of the world, considered it an
honour to have Humboldt as member, but that all
the princes of all countries testified their esteem for
him, and their consideration for science, by conferring
their highest honours upon him.    But these exterior
forms can  add nothing to Humboldt's greatness, for
the glory of his mind and his fame outshines all the
ators of merit, which are indeed very rarely seen on
Ms breast.
Humboldt now lives wherever his royal friend lives.
There are apartments for him in Berlin, Potsdam, in
minister Von Marschall, and a councillor Eckwricht In Silesia. After
1815, it wan scarcely ever conferred by Frederic William. III.,
"bocaxise there is ixo opportunity for military distinctions in peace ;
and thİ last member on -whom, it was conferred "was the Archduke
J&Yederlc of Austria^ for his exploits before Acre, 1S41*
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